• A performance incentivizing 401(k) match program (optional)
  • The newest technology driven solutions for cost and operational optimization.
  • A designated WellthCoach
  • On-site WellthTraining
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Results-Based Consulting


Cost Optimized Products - lower costs by paying ONLY for what improves the live Participant Satisfaction Score. PSS becomes a Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

Service Optimized Results - Replace traditional enrollment meetings with quarterly On-Site WellthTrainingSM, facilitated by a certified WellthCoachSM, trained in an Awareness Based Education curriculum. WellthTrainingSM is designed for employees to recognize their undesired financial and lifestyle behaviors on a platform of automated solutions, to produce a more fulfilling outcome. Participants are also provided with a WellthBoardSM, which is a real-time dashboard for participants to track and improve their personal wealth and lifestyle wellness.

Definition Optimize



: to make as perfect, effective, or functional as possible

: to rearrange or rewrite (data, software, etc.) to improve efficiency of retrieval or processing

401(k) and Self-Funded Healthcare OPTIMIZED for Cost and Service Efficiency

The NetWellthSM consulting approach is most effective for employers with 100-1000 employees, looking to drive down health insurance and retirement plan costs, increase participation, and elevate the employee experience/satisfaction.

Rather than earn commissions for product sales, NetWellthSM empowers clients by making their objectives, the measure of our compensation. NetWellthSM grows only when our clients do; both parties profit as our clients achieve cost savings, employee satisfaction, and increased participation.

Being a client means the cost and service inefficiencies in your current 401(k) and Health Insurance are large enough and statistically recoverable enough, to take action. NetWellthSM is motivated by participating in the value created from optimizing product costs, and service oriented results (employee satisfaction and participation).

This is what it means to have an aligned interest in the advancement of employee wealth and wellness. The outcome is the best priced products, value, and a drastically higher participation rate. Employees benefit from quantifiably lower costs, quarterly On-Site WellthTrainingSM, and online tools to track and improve their Personal Wealth and Lifestyle Wellness.

How does NetWellth optimize your health insurance?

You'll keep your existing medical network. Yet, we'll use your group's size to statistically project your medical claims costs and determine whether Healthcare Savings Strategies - Series I, II, or III is the most appropriate for you. Each of the Series is a progressive step in managing the controllables of the healthcare supply chain. Since our compensation is a function of Cost Savings, Participation, and Employee Satisfaction; we operate with the aligned objectives of enhancing the employee engagement, with healthcare, and maximizing cost savings.

Employees are empowered with complete transparency in cost vs. quality of care, and benefit from a partial refund of the unused premiums collected, at the completion of each fiscal year. Quarterly On-Site WellthTrainingSM and the WellthBoardSM gives participants the guidance and automated solutions to track and improve their personal wealth and lifestyle wellness.

Cost and Service Inefficiencies of a 401(k)

401(k) is proven to be the most highly-effective, tax-qualified, long-term savings tool in America.

Yet, pre-packaged 401(k) plans tend to have layers of fees that are not easy to identify, or in some cases, required to be disclosed as Standard Pricing. These fees are not one-time, rather recurring AND charged as a percentage of assets in the plan. Thats right, you pay more as your account grows. Over time, these fees add up to exorbitant amounts, eroding your account accumulation, year after year. Such fees take the form of back-end revenue sharing and/or embedded overrides, both causing recurring charges that stack against your investment returns and add ongoing resistance to your accounts growth. Could you have done better in a low cost index fund? In many cases, yes.

How about the service? 401(k) plans are typically serviced by commissioned-based financial advisors. Most of these advisors make a living selling expensive financial products to people who have the money, to buy them; typically a small percentage of most employer groups. This is the root of declining service value for employees.

How does NetWellth OPTIMIZE your 401(k)?

Product sales commissions lead to inefficiently priced products. Why? Because they pay the most.

  1. The NetWellthSM collects your 408(b)(2) Fee Disclosure, and provides you with a market pricing analysis, transparent of all front end, operating, and back-end fees.
  2. The NetWellthSMrecommends a provider based on the best overall price/value for your groups census/plan demographics. Since our compensation comes from a truly unbiased place, we offer our Best Price Guarantee on the 401(k) platform we recommend, and include our our criteria and methodology for the recommendation. You won’t find a better priced/valued plan for your group. Our guarantee is written on a per consult/recommendation basis, and entitles the client to a 20% below competitor price, or assistance in moving the plan.
  3. Participants have a technology based daily recordkeeping app/portal, and Tier 1 investments available at an OPTIMIZED price. Their investment line-up will include Target Date Funds, Mutual Funds, Index Funds, and Managed Services; with ongoing performance monitoring with a qualified 3(38) plan fiduciary. The 401(k) plan will be have NO embedded overrides or revenue sharing agreements, and we will receive no commission or alternative compensation for recommending it.

We’re financially motivated to bring you the best priced/valued products available in the market, by participating in the value being created. We Guarantee our due diligence process. You won’t find a better priced plan for your group!


A highly personable, engaging, and knowlegable individual, who is passionate about helping others. Registered WellthCoachesSM have been trained and certified in financial education and employee wellness programs. Half of a WellthCoachesSM compensation is determined by their participation levels, and live Participant Satisfaction Score (PSS). We're an objective-first organization, and these 2 factors lets us know how well the WellthCoachSM is communicating, and how well he/she is being received. Underperforming WellthCoachesSM are replaced by performing coaches, further ensuring the ongoing value of our service.

Onsite WellthCoach Service

Your designated Wellth CoachSM will guide your employees every step of the way, as Quarterly Participant WellthTrainingSM will replace traditional enroll and renew service. We use awareness-based education to unveil undesired behavioral patterns and provide an automated platform to produce track-able desired outcomes.

Quarterly Online WellthTraining

WellthBoardSM connects all of your financial accounts into a single dashboard. Customize settings and run reports designed to help you setup your emergency fund, get past consumer debt, stick to your budget, better understand investing, increase credit score, and improve short, mid, AND long term savings.

We’re working on an exciting Lifestyle Wellness platform that will integrate with the WellthBoardSM, and will keep you posted on our social media platforms/groups.


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